Through the Tiriac Energy portal, fuel card holders can benefit from access to their complete monitoring and management in an effective and fast way.
Along with full details regarding the cards assigned to customers, users can access 24/7 the information on transactions and account and are able to change their data or cards data and can also get a list of transactions and issued invoices.
The portal provides easy access to information on card transactions, the date and time of the transaction, amount, fuel station etc.
Through a user ID and unique password, customers can check the information on fuel cards allocated to employees on different levels of authorization:
  • Administrator - module unique for each cardholder, allowing the administration of limits, displays data, allows the card to be blocked, data to be modified and reports to be obtained.
  • Accountant - module that displays your data, the quick and detailed list of transactions, view and download invoices.
  • Fleet/cards administrator - allows the user to manage information about the company, drivers and vehicles, to ask a new account, view invoices and transactions and to assess the volume of purchased fuel and to set limits or block their cards.