The platform, according to the company, has the role of simplifying the acquisition process for customers and of monitoring business development partnerships. The online portal will allow existing customers of Tiriac Energy to place orders taking benefits from special offers and conditions. Users have access to all elements of the account from orders status, reports, invoices, detalis of the agreement, to prices in an updated form. According to the head of Tiriac Energy, Remus Hirceaga "the portal ensures transparency, speed and flexibility, optimizing the acquisition process and the time allocated for this purpose. Last but not least, the portal will provide significant support to buyers taking over most functions of a customer relations department.” "Spot" buyers, those who want to place a single order will be able to register on the portal by filling a form directly on the website. After placing a request, they immediately get a customized offer. Through the Tiriac Energy portal can be traded products such as gasoline, diesel, technical liquid fuel, light fuel oil and bitumen.

In the portal, customers can place orders for at least 3000 liters, with or without transport, in a standardized way, which, OET representatives state that ensure their fulfillment in a short period of time. According to the representatives of Oil Energy Trading, the company's goal is to become, by the end of 2017, one of the leaders in the petroleum products trading market in Romania, which according to certain evaluations, amount to more than 5 billion euros, and up to end of 2022 in the South-Eastern Europe. The main players in the petroleum products trading market are Oscar, Unicom, Socar, Comision Trade for fuel and Tinmar Trade, Bitholder, Transbitum, Euroactiv, Total Romania for bitumen.
Remus Hirceaga, managing director, Oil Energy Trading
"We estimate that in the next year, a percentage of 60% -70% of new OET orders will come through this platform, the rest being represented by clients looking for products in the traditional way”.