Tiriac Energy supplies gasoil suitable for any kind of compression-ignition engine (diesel).

Euro5 Diesel Fuel (EN 590+A1 / 10 ppm)

  • reduces pollution due to the low content of polyaromatic hydrocarbons;
  • has low sulphur content;
  • complies with Euro 5 emission norms;
  • ensures an increased engine performance and efficient combustion;
  • provides protection against engine wear, corrosion and deposits on fuel injectors.

Arctic Diesel Fuel

  • fuel for diesel engines, complying with Euro 5 emission standards;
  • suitable for use throughout the year, especially in the cold season, due to the high filtering point;
  • has low sulphur content;
  • does not contain biofuels (FAME).

The products traded by Tiriac Energy are delivered together with documents certifying their quantity and quality.