Road bitumen

Obtained by crude oil distillation, the bitumen is an important material, especially in the field of road construction and waterproofing systems.

The bitumen traded by Tiriac Energy meets the applicable requirements of European standards (EN), covering a wide range of applications (base layers, wear layers, poured asphalt, connection layers).

The features of the bitumen traded by Tiriac Energy recommend it as being the perfect binder for executing sustainable construction projects:

  • high adhesion;
  • consistency;
  • significant resistance to weather conditions, including temperature variations..

Depending on customer requirements, we provide the following sorts of bitumen:

  • Bitumen 50/70
  • Bitumen 70/100
  • Bitumen 160/220
  • Polymer Modified Bitumen – PMB

Polymer Modified Bitumen can be used to all types of asphalt works. Due to the high degree of plasticity and elesticity, this type of bitumen is the ideal solution for highways and high traffic roads. We list some of the benefits of its use:

  • resistance to extreme temperatures (excellent adhesivity) ;
  • resistance to heavy traffic;
  • resistance to aging;
  • prolongation of warranty time;
  • low maintenance costs.

The products traded by Tiriac Energy are delivered together with documents certifying their quantity and quality.